i found a video made by my sister and her friend and it’s honestly the most important thing i’ve ever watched in my life


Lets do an experiment: reblog if you would feel safer hanging out with trans women (regardless of what genitals they currently posses) than Cis women who are transphobic and deny trans women’s obvious womanhood.


emma swan meme: seven colors

[2|7] blue


Dramatic Need presents The Children’s Monologues directed by Danny Boyle - a collection of 300 South African children’s testimonies of their happiest or saddest day.

Benedict Cumberbatch as a missionary worker helping a young boy who had been caught stealing (and blamed it on Wayne Rooney!). Cumberbatch has immense stage presence (even clad in green Crocs) and his voice carries to the gods. He gave one of the few real performances of the evening (there was a lot of standing slightly awkwardly with script in hand from some which was entirely understandable given the lack of prep time) veering effortlessly between humour and pathos. His well meaning do gooder (appropriately called Shepherd) bumbles endearingly through misunderstandings with his South African charge (not understanding that the boy’s name is Innocent – and that he’s not protesting his innocence for his recent crimes to him) trying so very very hard to engage with him even though the audience knows from the beginning that he’s fighting a lost cause. As Innocent’s tale of woe unfolds it was heartbreaking to watch Shepherd’s demeanour change from sweet and bumbling to increasingly distressed as he grasps that Innocent couldn’t go to school because his parents simply couldn’t afford a pen and paper for him. Most affecting moment was Cumberbatch singing a jaunty ditty – a theme tune for a brand of washing powder only to realise seconds later with dawning horror on his face that Innocent is trying to tell him that his mother died because she spent the money which should have been used on her medication on washing powder to keep his father’s shirts clean as if he didn’t have clean shirts he would lose his job. He was visibly tearing up on stage. A real powerhouse performance of a very strong script.



you meant you and tammy right? doctarose jonjafarivevo

Thank you, Omi!!!!!


so yeah elphies over


you meant you and tammy right? doctarose jonjafarivevo


So jonjafarivevo and I did a thing.



Drive-thru guy: Welcome to McDonald's, can I take your order?


The Shippy Dalek commentates popular Doctor x Rose scenes. 1/?

As long as [Haruhi’s] nonbinary, I’m okay. — jonjafarivevo and the meaning of life.